Scholarships For Catholic Women

It looks like your strong belief in Catholicism has paid off. Catholicism can trace it’s roots back to ancient Rome and the Pope and as it turns out it is the focus of this page. Well, to be more specific scholarships for catholic women are the focus of this page and we are happy to announce that there are a lot of opportunities for you. As of 2001, various studies have reported that there are over 2.1 billion practitioners practicing Catholicism. Now, that is a lot when you look at the grand scheme of things. Currently, there are close to 7 billion people in the world and if over 2.1 billion people are Catholics that is pretty impressive. So, you would tend to think that there are a lot of scholarships available.

College Scholarships For Catholic Girls

Now, just because we believe there are a lot of Catholic scholarships for women available to apply for doesn’t mean that they are easy to obtain. In fact, we have found that the standard that Catholic scholarships set are quite high. For example, they don’t like rewarding mediocre student. They take pride in setting these high standards and sending academically strong women to college. Of course, the real aim of Catholic scholarships is to get students to study the religion and spread it around to others. They want their scholars to spread the Catholic word and hopefully convert people.

For some students this is the ideal path that they want for their life. However, other students want to go to college to pursue a career. Thus, it is important to read each and every Catholic scholarship you apply for to see what is required of you to obtain the scholarship money. Some Catholic scholarships are just straight out college scholarships. However, other Catholic scholarships are only for those of you who will study abroad or become a missionary.

Popular College Scholarships For Catholics

  • Catholic Aid- This is a pretty general college scholarship. Mostly designed for undergraduate students who are members of the Catholic Aid society. Scholarship money ranges between $300 to $500.
  • Italian Catholic Federation- Receives only about 400 applications each year (not too much really). The first year you win the scholarship you receive $400. The second year you win $500 and it keeps going like that.
  • Knights Of Columbus- Each year over 50 scholarships are awarded to undergraduate students entering a Catholic College or University within the U.S.


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