College Scholarships For Unemployed Women

Unemployment sucks! There is really nothing else you can say on that particular topic except that it really sucks. You may have gotten laid off and you didn’t do anything wrong. However, one fact that has always held true about those who are unemployed is that they usually go back to school to buff up their qualifications so they can become a more attractive candidate for a job position. Of course, an even harsher reality sets in when they get to their chosen venue of education and realize the tuition costs are way more than they can handle right now.

College Funding For Unemployed Students

When faced with a choice to try to gather the necessary funds for college a lot of students give up. It is sad but unfortunately it is true. They just believe that they have no shot of winning any type of scholarship or getting anything close to what they need. Well, we want to get you out of that mindset. You have a lot of great options in which you can take advantage of to win the money you require.

Finding a scholarship isn’t rocket science. You do some research, compile a large list of scholarships you want to apply for and you are in business. Fortunately, we have compiled a full list for you already. It is just up to you to take an action and apply for all the scholarships and financial aid opportunities we are providing you with. Remember, the ultimate goal here is to get the money necessary to fund you college education which will in turn raise your chances at entering the career you want.

Unemployed Scholarships

  • FAFSA- FAFSA isn’t exactly a scholarship but we included it in this section for one simple reason, you are going to need it. Throughout our site you will find we are constantly talking about FAFSA and that is because we really believe it works and can help you significantly. Make sure you check on the site we provided to know when the application deadlines are. YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS IT. So, act quickly.
  • P.E.O- The Philanthropic Educational Organization offers need based scholarships and we figured this fits your situation perfectly. Who is in more need of a scholarship than an unemployed woman? Not many, so we believe your chances of winning a scholarship are really good.
  • Soroptomist Awards- Going back to school? Check. Making most of the money for your family? Check. Need an undergraduate degree? Check. It seems to us that you are the perfect candidate for this scholarship offering.

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