Scholarships For Filipino Women


Going to college and getting an education has always been a top priority for women from the Philippines. They pride themselves on being well educated and statistics tend to back them up. Did you know that more women in the Philippines enroll in college than men? Of course, this increase in enrollment in Filipino women presents one problem. College is expensive and without the required amount of money you can find yourself in debt quite fast. Luckily, there have been multiple scholarships designed to help Filipino women. We have compiled those scholarships on this page in an easy to read manner so it is just a matter of clicking the link we provide you with and you will be taken right over to the application form.

Filipino Scholarships

  • Study Abroad Scholarships- In order to apply for this scholarship you have to be of the following heritage: African American, Asian American, Hispanic, Native American or Filipino. Currently, the scholarship weighs in at $1,000 for the winner. Thankfully, there is no application fee required to apply for the scholarship. However, if you are interested in the study abroad program you will have to shell out $95 to enter it.
  • Asian Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund- Whew! that was a mouth full. This scholarship hands out a varied amount. For example, some of their scholarships are worth $2,500 while other scholarships from them are $5,000. All applicants of the scholarship have to be an Asian or Pacific Islander (Important: You have to be a resident of the United States). You have to have earned your high school degree or GED and have maintained a GPA of 2.7 to be eligible to receive this scholarship.
  • Asian Pacific Community Fund- At the time you apply for this $1,000 scholarship you have to be a high school senior or college freshmen. Unfortunately, the range of this particular scholarship offering is a bit limited as you have to show an interested in math, engineering or a science. Your GPA also must be held at a standard of 3.0.
  • Architecture Scholarships For Minorities- One of the things we learned when researching this topic was that any scholarship that is focusing on minorities fits the requirements of this particular group (Filipino women) greatly. This architecture scholarship for disadvantaged students or minority students was just too good to pass up on. Why? Simple, it is worth $3,000 to $4,000 and can really change your life if you win it.


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