Student Grants For Single Mothers

One of the most pressing questions that single mothers often ask when they start the college semester is “How can I afford my college tuition and support my family at the same time?” Most women have to end up getting a job. The problem with this is that college can be very demanding and more often than not, women end up dropping out of college because they can’t take the strain that it puts on their family.

However, we are here to tell you that your college experience doesn’t have to be this way. There are numerous student grants out there that you can obtain to make you college experience a positive one.

Student Grants For Women

There are a number of great student grants available for women (especially mothers). We have take the liberty of compiling a full comprehensive list of the best student grants for women to apply for below:

  • Janette Rankin Foundation Scholarship- This is a grant that women over the age of 30 can apply for. So long as those women are in a low income situation and they are committed to going to school.
  • Academic Competitive Grant- You can receive up to $750 to $1,300 with this grant. Make sure you check out their site to learn more.
  • Rockerfeller Family Fund- The RFF has worked tirelessly in environmental protection, advancing the economic rights of women and holding public and private institutions accountable for their actions. Visit their site to learn all about the scholarships that they offer to women.

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