Scholarships For Young Women

 If you are planning on going to college then you should really consider locating and signing up for a free scholarship. Here at Scholarships For Women we classify free scholarships as any type of scholarship that you can apply for without any crazy requirements that take a length amount of time.

Scholarships For Young Women

As a young woman you are eligible to apply for many great scholarships. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that there are a lot more scholarships being offered to women than men so you have an advantage in that area. The real trick is finding a site that will organize information on scholarships in a clear and effective way. This is what we have tried to do here at Scholarships For Women. Of course, we are promoting a lot of scholarships so we always recommend that our visitors check out the rest of our site.

  • Janette Rankin Foundation Scholarship- This is a scholarship that is designed more for older women. If you fit into this category make sure you visit their site to learn more about the particular requirements to apply for this one.
  • AAUW- The American Association Of University Women are always offering a great number of grants for women. They have provided more than 3.6 million in funding for different scholarships and grants. We have taken the liberty of locating the page on their site where you can see the requirements for applying.
  • Google Scholarship- The Google Anita Borg scholarship gives out a total of $10,000 each year to the winner while the finalists will pull in $1,000 each.

Scholarships For Older Women

If you are an older woman and are looking for scholarships that can suit your needs then we recommend that you check out the following pages on our site:

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