Our Advice About Dating In College

It is a topic that fascinates us all. We admit that we are one of the few sites that spends quite a bit of time adding to our women’s scholarship database. However, that doesn’t mean that we don’t like to have some fun every once in a while. We decided to create this blog to accomplish just that. We will be covering all kinds of fascinating women related topics on here. Now, you may be wondering “Ok, but what makes this blog different than any of the other college related blogs out there?” Good question, we have a team of female writers, who are in college, write this blog so you know for a fact that these girls know what they are talking about. Today, Kasie, an actual college student, will be covering some of the truths about college dating.

Learning About The “Game”

One of the things that I learned when I first got to college was how different it was from high school. I had gone to a decent school and had very loving parents. However, I was restricted to their rules and that meant things like curfews and not being alone at home with a member of the opposite sex without “parental supervision.” I understood the rules and I abided by them. However, the whole dynamic changes when you get to college. It was as if I had finally gained my freedom and I couldn’t wait to to take advantage of that fact.

Unfortunately, this type of freedom can be dangerous for some. In college there are so many different boys you meet, so many different hookups occurring and so many people getting their feelings hurt that if you don’t understand the “game” then you will be eaten alive, literally.

Things tend to progress very fast in college and there is nothing wrong with that. College is a place where you get to explore who you really are as a person but you have to be careful about letting it move too fast. Be careful about who you open yourself up to because the guy you do open up to may not be as saintly as you think. Of course, guys can get hurt too so be careful not to lead anyone on. Set boundaries for yourself until you find Mr. Right. Believe me, there are guys out there who have nothing but the best intentions.

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