Grants And Scholarships For Women

Women looking for scholarships and grants have many choices and opportunities to explore.  The area people often start with first is the category of scholarships that take only a few brief minutes to get started. You can successfully sign up for all of the following scholarships by visiting their main site and filling out a short form that asks for your name, number and information and you will have a legitimate chance to win a $10,000 scholarship for school.

Grants And Scholarships For Women

As a woman you are eligible to receive a number of excellent college scholarships. You see, one of the major problems with college today is the fact that many students are often overwhelmed by the cost. However, we are here to tell you that today there are so many scholarships for women available that you would be hard pressed to not find one. We have take the liberty of categorizing them throughout this site so you should definitely take a look through the rest of our large site. The scholarships that you see below are the best scholarships that we have found for women:

Janette Rankin Foundation- This is a scholarship that is designed for women over the age of 35. You must be in a low income situation to be able to really apply for this grant. Make sure you visit the site to learn more about the different requirements to obtaining this grant.

American Society Of Women Accountants- The ASWA specializes in handing out undergraduate grants to women majoring in accounting. This means that you must have at least completed 60 hours of coursework to be able to apply for these grants.

American Association Of University Women- The AAUW offers a variety of grants to women. Whether you are a mother or an incoming first time college student you can find a grant here to apply for. We recommend that you check this site out and learn more about the different scholarships that they are currently giving away.


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