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Applying for a grant can be a tiresome task. You have a lot of information to fill out and you often have to include a well written essay if you want any chance of winning. This is where Scholarships For Women comes in. Here you can find many scholarships to apply for including free grants for women.

What Is A Free Scholarships and Grants?

Here at Scholarships For Women we classify free grant as any scholarship that you can apply for with no strings attached. There will be no essays, no interview process and no GPA requirements.

But before we introduce you to the free scholarships we feel it is smart to turn you onto your best chance of getting financial aid for college. If you haven’t already done it then you should consider signing up for FAFSA. The application process is fairly straightforward and completely free. Plus getting financial aid from FAFSA is probably your best way of paying for college.

Scholarships For Women

With all of this in mind lets go over our list of free scholarships for women!

  • Jannette Rankin Foundation- If you are a woman that is 35 years or older than you are eligible to apply for the Jannette Rankin Scholarship. Currently the scholarship allows up to $1,500 of financial aid for college.
  • AAUW- The American Association of University Women is one of the biggest firms that help women go to college. You can apply for a number of grants there between $5,000 and $20,000.


There are a lot of grants for women that you can apply for. All you have to do is find them. This is why we encourage you to take a good look around our site as we are promoting a lot of great scholarships. Here are some excellent places to start. Enjoy!

Free College Scholarships

Scholarships For Black Women

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