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If you are looking for a list of scholarships and grants for college then you came to the right place. Here at Scholarships For Women Online we have compiled one of the most in-depth college scholarship lists on the net. So, if you are ready to see our list of scholarships and grants for college then lets get started!!!


One of the easiest ways to obtain financial assistance is by apply for FAFSA . If you have taken a strong look around this site you would notice that we are a strong supporter of FAFSA due to the fact that it is easier to obtain than a scholarship that has certain requirements. All you have to do is visit FAFSA’s site and apply and you are done. It is as easy as that.

Scholarships That Are Free

You will notice that there are many free giveaways throughout the scholarship industry. These are what we classify as free scholarships. All you have to do is take thirty seconds out of your day and sign up and you are automatically entered into a drawing for a free $10,000 scholarship. Right now the most popular of these free giveaways is Scholarships For Moms. It might be worth a try to sign up. Who knows, you may actually win.

Scholarships And Grants For College

There are a lot of scholarships and grants for college available out there. The tricky part is being able to find them. However, that is a problem you don’t have to worry about anymore since we have compiled a list of the most accessible scholarships and grants for our visitors.

  • Pell Grants- Offer up to $2,700 for need based students.
  • Academic Competitiveness Grant- For undergraduates with outstanding records.
  • State Administered Grants- Click here for a complete list of grants offered by the different states.
  • National SMART Grant- Stands for National Science And Mathematics Access To Retain Talent


As you can see there are a lot of great scholarships and grants for college out there. We highly recommend that you take a look around the rest of our website since there are even more scholarships to look through. It might be a good idea to bookmark this page since it will be constantly updating and you don’t want to miss any up to date information.

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