Scholarships For Pregnant Women


Being pregnant is hard enough without having to worry about finding a way to fund your college education. As a result, we have put this page together to help all women find the financial aid that they deserve if they are pregnant. With this in mind, lets begin!

First Things First

The first thing that anybody should do if they want financial aid is to sign up for FAFSA. Don’t worry, the sign up process is quite simple and if you fill everything out correctly, FAFSA can cut your college tuition in half. You can find a link to their homepage here: FAFSA Free Application.

Once you have signed up for FAFSA you should check and see if you are eligible for a Pell Grant. In order to receive a Pell Grant you and your chosen college must be a part of the FAFSA program. You must also NOT have achieved your bachelors degree and you must also prove that you are in a low income situation. The best way to determine if you can receive a pell grant is to visit with your counselor.

Free Scholarships For Pregnant Women

As someone with a child on the way you are going to find there are many opportunities.  Part of your strategy should be to examine those scholarships that are free to apply for and the hassle factor is very low.  Here are some that you should assess.

  • Scholarships For Moms
  • Free 10k Scholarship


We are highly recommending that you take a look around our site to find any other great scholarships that you might want to apply for. The scholarships on this page are just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many more that you can apply for so make sure you take a look around and begin expanding those scholarship horizons.

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