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As you walk through life, you may eventually come knocking on the door of education. Every one’s path to this doorway is different. Some of us arrive there earlier in our lives. We come to it shortly after graduating from high school. As we prepare for this new season in our life, there is a sense of excitement and newness about this whole experience that we will immerse ourselves into.

Others may take a different route. Their life experience may very well result in exploring college a few years after high school graduation. Perhaps a lack of funds or a path into some type of occupation forestalled their entrance into college. Still others go on to pursue careers or dedicate themselves to rearing a family, only to later return to their dream of a college degree. Whatever path you end up taking that eventually leads you to enroll in college, there is something essentially everyone will need to confront. It is the central thesis of this Guide. We are obviously talking about how one will pay for all of the costs associated with college. We need not detail all of them. To say the least, going to college today is an important and potentially life changing event, but it can be expensive. Our goal is to help you get awarded NOT just ONE Scholarship. No, that is aiming low, really low. Our Guide is designed to help you with being awarded MULTIPLE scholarships and/or education awards.

You chose a path that led you to this Guide for a reason. The good news is there is literally many billions of dollars that are awarded each year to those who wish to attend or who are actively enrolled in college. There is no reason why you can’t get your share of the available funding. To optimize your chances…to optimize your odds of getting not just one, but potentially multiple education awards….to strengthen your case….it is necessary to Understand How the System Works.

How This Scholarship Guide Will Help You!

This Guide is not one of those feel good books filled with platitudes, inspirational stories, or nonsensical details. You took the time and trouble to visit our website, so your deserve something of substance that will make a real difference. We won’t drown you with pages and pages of narrative. It’s a Crash Course…so in that regard we focus on the Key Success Factors.

Nor is this Guide a thinly disguised ploy to convince you to buy a $29.00, all new, 70 page edition of the super duper Scholarship Premium Edition or some ridiculously expensive CD on how to get college funding. Steer away from those types of offers.

This Guide is in part about changing your mindset. Its about how to significantly improve your odds of being awarded scholarships or receiving educational funding. It will lead you to the doorstep of hundreds of scholarships and education awards. We won’t waste your time with pep talks. We won’t tell you that its easy to get a scholarship or grant. Indeed, if you don’t understand the system and how to optimize your chances, then it can be difficult. BUT…

  • We will tell you what you need to do 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.
  • We will tell you something you MUST do which is very, very important.
  • We will tell you what you absolutely cannot do as there are certain things that have to be done a certain way.
  • We will provide you with recommendations of where to go to tap into key resources that could aid you in your educational quest.

If you like what you read….if you learn more about this wide and somewhat wacky world of scholarships and educational funding….then good for you as that is our intent. You took the time to visit our website and we believe in “Paying it Forward”, which essentially is doing something positive for someone without asking for anything in return. Go forward with the lessons your derive from this Guide and put them to work.

And in keeping with the principle of Paying it Forward, provide this Free Guide to your friends, particularly if they are part of your Hit Team (more on that later).

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