Past Winners

Since 2005, Scholarships4Moms and Scholarship Zone has teamed up to give away free $10,000 scholarships to help students achieve success in their chosen areas of study. The list that follows is comprised of the men and women who have won a free $10,000 scholarship for their chosen area of study simply by completing a one page form.

A simple 30 second decision to complete this form has forever changed their lives and it can change yours too:

Win A Free $10,000 Scholarship
Image of winnerName: Dana Morgan
Hometown: Fort Wayne, IN
Drawing Date: September 30, 2010

Well here I am Dana Morgan, I was so amazed when I received the good news of being the winner of the $10,000 scholarship. In the beginning, I thought that this was just another gimmick to get me to subscribe to something, but as they explained the process to me, I felt more confident in that things were legit. When I entered this contest I didn’t think that I would be a winner so I totally forgot about it. So again, I was excitingly amazed when I returned the call.

With my $10,000 scholarship I can pay my tuition being that I just started school. Also, I can move into a bigger home with my five children. At this moment I am a single working mother, attending school, working a third shift job, living in a two bedroom home. With these funds I can stock up on the supplies I need for my class (business management), move into a bigger home without having to worry about taking a month worth of paychecks to pay deposits. I will get beds for all of my children and a few winter items that they need.

This could not have come at a better time. I truly take pride in my success and love to lead my children and others in a positive direction. This can also show others the rewards that can be obtained when trying your best to be successful Thanks again to Scholarships4Moms.

Image of winnerName: Lori Hare
Hometown: Ashtabula, OH
Drawing Date: August 31, 2010

It is such an incredible blessing to be winning this scholarship! Just like others, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to enter the scholarship… but the odds were slim to none that I would win. I entered for three months straight, whenever the reminder came to my email about a new scholarship. Then I received the call that I had won! I couldn’t believe it.

I have been attending college for a bachelor’s degree in Communications and my husband and I have kept questioning being able to pay for it. Now I will never question finishing my degree again! This scholarship will cover probably 90% of what I have left.

I have received this scholarship at a very busy time in my life. This takes a load off of one major area in my life and allows me to take a deep breath, knowing that this is taken care of. I can’t begin to thank you enough for this!

Image of winnerName: Carlos Chavarri
Hometown: Snellville, GA
Drawing Date: July 30, 2010

Wow! I never thought that I would win a prize this huge. All I can say is that this is a wonderful blessing that God has gifted me and I am truly grateful. These funds will help me pay for my school for the next couple of years and I would like to thank FCS once again for this remarkable award.

I’m glad for this opportunity and I’m willing to take full advantage of it by pursuing the best education I can possibly receive. This is a great incentive for the students to keep studying and I hope this will continue in the future for the well deserved hard working students.

Image of winnerName: Kathy Butler
Hometown: Hampton, GA
Drawing Date: June 30, 2010

Oh my God! It is real! I received a phone call on July 19th from a young lady stating I won the $10,000 scholarship I entered for working moms. I was saying to myself, yeah right. “Watch she’s going to ask me for a checking account number or something.” In total disbelief, I was not excited at all until I received e-mail and a packet. Okay, now this is real! I started screaming since I have never won anything in my life.

This scholarship money will allow me to continue on to pursue my Master.s Degree, buy a new much needed computer, fix my car so I won’t be breaking down trying to get to school, and open my own business. Thank you so very much for helping me make my dreams come true.

Image of winnerName: Duanaya Williams
Hometown: Newark, NJ
Drawing Date: May 28, 2010

I applied for the scholarship because I wanted to study abroad this semester. This scholarship has really been a blessing. I am extremely thankful to Free College Scholarships. I am the oldest of 5 daughters and money is always tight so without this amazing scholarship I would not be able to attend the study abroad program.

Thank you FCS from the bottom of my heart. I’m really glad that I came across this organization and now I know that dreams really do come true.

Image of winnerName: Anna Hanlin
Hometown: Huntsville, AL
Drawing Date: April 30, 2010

My chances of winning I figured were slim to none. I had a better change of being struck by lightening. Well, I haven’t been struck by lightening but when I got the call and the email and the letter in the mail, WOW! Woo Hoo! Yippee Yahooey!

The money will be put to good use as I head back to college and a graduate degree. Education is one of the most important things one can do with their lives and ScholarshipProvider just offered me a chance to make that reality a little easier to accomplish.

Image of winnerName: Nikki Herder
Hometown: Raleigh, NC
Attending School: Undisclosed
Drawing Date: March 31, 2010

I never imagined I would be chosen as the winner, and to this day I am still in shock! When FCS first notified me, I was sure it was some Internet scam and couldn�t be real. But when I received the packet in the mail, along with the letter indicating I had won, it became more and more real. But for me to have won a $10,000 SCHOLARSHIP means so much more than these few words can say.
So to Free College Scholarships I want to extend a heartfelt thank you! This scholarship has opened up a world of educational opportunities for me and I am eternally grateful.

Image of winnerName: Ian Walker
Hometown: Prairie View, IL
Attending School: Undisclosed
Drawing Date: March 1, 2010

Never in my life did I think I would actually be selected for something so valuable! By the time I entered the drawing I was beginning to lose hope that I would win anything, and becoming really discouraged about all college scholarship. Being the first of four kids in my family to go to college, with three right in a row, I know this money is greatly appreciated and I am extremely excited and honored to have been selected for this scholarship. Now my parents and I can worry a little less about my college future and have a little more stability in our lives. I never would have thought that something like this would happen to me and am still a little shocked that it has happened. I am excited for the various opportunities this scholarship will bring me and cannot wait to utilize it the best way possible. Thank you Free College Scholaships!

Image of winnerName: Alice Cloud
Hometown: Leander, TX
Drawing Date: February 1, 2010

Being one of the millions of unemployed Americans today I had come to the conclusion that continuing my education was not only necessary but a mandatory goal. I have been researching schools to complete a degree in Psychology but hesitant to sign up due to all the school loan issues that have arisen. I have also been patiently waiting to see what the govt. was going to do to assist students with the cost of continuing their education. Like many others the financial side of education was holding me back. I was so thrilled to get the call I had won this scholarship. Now I can get that laptop I so badly needed and rest assured the expense of tuition, living expenses and books is covered. I am grateful for the opportunity to fulfill my dream and encourage others to sign up to take a chance on their future. I can’t thank free college scholarships enough for this wonderful gift of a brighter future for me and my family.

Image of winnerName: Joshua Vazquez
Hometown: New York City, NY
Attending School: Undecided
Drawing Date: December 30, 2009

I have lived in New York all my life, spanning three boroughs, Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island. I moved to Staten island when I was about 15 with my mother and younger brother… I am the first in my family to go to college and now I think I’m going to actually finish. The scholarship money could not have come at a better time. I plan on using the funds to help pay off my student loans.

Name: Kathleen Pfleider
Hometown: Los Lunas, NM
Attending School: Devry University
Drawing Date: December 1, 2009

When I entered, like most people, I was thinking that there is no way I am going to win this, but what would it hurt. It will only take a couple of minutes of my time every now and again. But when I received that phone call and actually discovered that I DID win, I was speechless. I NEVER WIN ANYTHING. I am a stay at home wife of a disabled Vietnam veteran and we get by on his disability checks. I am going back to college so I can have a career that I like and will help us both financially. Just the other day, we were sitting down and trying to figure out how we were going to pay the part of the tuition that the loan didn�t take care of. This scholarship is going to help out in so many ways. Plus, I will be able to use my salary, when I go back to work, for us instead of using it all to pay back school debts.

I just wanted to THANK YOU. You are a Godsend to this family. To all of you out there, registering for this, believe me, IT CAN HAPPEN FOR YOU TOO !!!!!

Name: Crystal Mitchell
Hometown: Mechanicsburg, PA
Drawing Date: October 30, 2009

When I registered for the drawing, I was thinking, yeah, ok. What can it hurt? Many years of not winning things made me think, that MY name was Never going to be pulled from a list of lots of people. WOW!! How that has changed!!!

I can now buy my books, supplies, maybe even help with my daughter’s bigger list of needed supplies for school, in the Spring 2010. My daughter and I commute together to college, until we go to different colleges. It can also help get through tough times here at home, as we are living on limited income. THANK YOU so MUCH!!! Now, things will be a lot easier for this family’s living expenses and for help to go back to school easier, with LESS DEBT! I know this doesn’t say THANK YOU enough, but I don’t know how else to say it! Thank You, Thank You, Thank YOU!!!

Image of winnerName: Carol Ashment
Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT
Drawing Date: September 30, 2009

Before I found out about this scholarship, I was going to have to quit school so that I could work more hours at my job until my husband can find work. I was very upset, because I am so close to done, and I didn’t know when I would ever be able to finish.

The day that I got the phone call, I was planning to call my school and withdraw for next term. With this scholarship, I will be able to make up the difference in our expenses while I finish school. This is such a blessing to me. Because of this money I will be able to reach my goal to finish my degree this fall! And I would not be able to get there without this help. Thank you so much!

Name: Jesse Blair
Hometown: Xenia, OH
Drawing Date: August 31, 2009

“I was so excited when i learned i won the 10,000 dollar scholarship from free college scholarships. Im a single mother trying to go back to school for nursing and im paying all on my own. Its a true blessing that now I do not have to worry as much about paying for college. Im not the kind of person who wins anything so this is amazing.

Thank you free college scholarships for your help with paying off college a litte easier than it would have been. I truly am grateful that a person like me could win such a thing. Im more confident that i will go on and complete school. Being the first in my family to do so. Thanks again!”

Name: Elizabeth Kinney
Hometown: Coralville, IA
Drawing Date: July 31, 2009

“I was so excited when I learned that I had won a scholarship from Getting ready to head off to a new place with new people for the first time is really intimidating (not to mention stressful) and on top of all that I have finances to worry about! But receiving this scholarship definitely eases my mind. Paying for college is no easy task no matter what way you spin it and I am so grateful to for their help.

I plan to use this scholarship money to help pay for my education at Oklahoma City University. There I will be majoring in dance management for four exciting years. After I complete my education I hope to return to my home state of Iowa and open up my own dance studio. I will then be able to share my love of dance with hundreds of others.

Once again, I am so unbelievably thankful for the financial help. I feel so fortunate for this scholarship money that will help provide for my college education and launch my lifetime career!”

Name: Christina Baca
Hometown: Fountain, CO
Drawing Date: March 25, 2009

“I have been really hard on myself about getting money for college. My mom kept telling me don’t be disappointed if you don’t get a job this summer. We will find a way to make it work. But being my one and only responsible parent and having a part time job. I didn’t see how we were going to make it. Sure I have grandparents and other family members that could help me but I didn’t find a point in asking them. I knew I had to keep some hope in me and faith. So I kept putting in for scholarships hoping and praying I would some amazing news saying I had won and money would be sent to me so I could pay for my college. As the spring semester started to come to an end at Hasting College doubts and fears filled my mind. I didn’t know how I was going to pay for my next year of college which would be my sophomore year. I was thinking I would have to drop out of school and start looking for a part time or full time job then maybe start going to college all over again. Then I got a call from saying I was a winner… I couldn’t believe it my school year and hopefully my next two years would be paid for depending on what my college expenses would be. I still can’t believe I won, all my hard work has paid off. I want to thank! Without your help I don’t know how I would be paying for the fall year. I’m very grateful and honored especially since I don’t have a lot in life and I struggle. Now my dreams of becoming a Rock n’ Roll singer will come true.”

Name: Alisha Brown
Hometown: Pembroke Pines, FL
Drawing Date: Jan 23, 2009

“I grew up watching my mother work two, sometimes three, jobs at a time and still struggle to support two children on her own. She always pushed us to do our best to succeed. So in my mind not going to college was not an option for me, however as I finished high school and looked into financing, I could not see my dream of being a college graduate began to fade. As I would look in the mirror, I saw history repeating itself. Here I was, a single mother, earning just above minimum wage, still waiting for the opportunity to go to college.

Even with student loans tuition has been out of my reach but I never stopped hoping and searching for a way to make it happen. That’s when I happened across’s/ $10,000 drawing which I entered. Nearly two weeks later I received a phone call stating that I had been chosen as the winner. I was so excited, I did not know what to say or how to react. I could not believe it! Now, with the help of I can go to college, pursue a degree in nursing and career I can be proud of, and give my son an understanding of how far persistence can take him. “

Name: Danitra Henry
Hometown: Sacramento, CA
Drawing Date: November 14, 2008

“I want to give my sincerest gratitude to FreeCollegeScholarships.Net for the generous prize I won. They have blessed me with one of the most miraculous opportunities one can bestow upon a struggling single mother of two (one unborn and one terrifically two years old) second year-college student. They have not just given me a scholarship, but an opportunity bundled in an abundant monetary amount, equivalent to about ten semesters worth of school books, supplies, and fees, a  laptop, or a little more than seven-and-a-half months worth of room and board!

Just as I started to lose sight of all that I accomplished in life and began to dwell on what I thought were “missed opportunities“, it took a single phone call to quickly bring me back to reality- and to tears, too (the happy kinds, though). The reassurance that “life will be okay” for my daughters and I is why FreeCollegeScholarships.Net has given me a true blessing, much more than a ten thousand dollar check, winning this scholarship has proven to be a golden opportunity, also. I am finally able to breathe- just a little- and stay humble- and hungry- about furthering my education.”

Name: Diana Rosas
Hometown: North Hills, CA
Attending School: San Francisco State University
Drawing Date: September 15, 2008

“Throughout my life, like many friends and family members, I have had to overcome multiple adversities; varying from commuting to school every day by six in the morning, to finding a way every year how to avoid taking out immense loans under my parents name in order to pay for my education. After hearing I am the winner for Free College Scholarships/, I had a sigh of relief knowing that I will not have to stress about paying my tuition for the following year, and that my parents most importantly won’t have to take out more loans. Thank you Free College Scholarships/, you have given me like many, the opportunity to focus solely on our education that will forever change our future.”

Name: Janice Marcharl
Hometown: Boston, MA
Attending School: Suffolk University
Drawing Date: July 31, 2008

“When I first got that call that I got chills when I heard it was from Free College Scholarships, I couldn’t believe it. When I heard i won the money I couldnt believe it , I first said “Are you serious?” I couldn’t imagine something like this happening to me. It all came at the right time because this is my first year of college and I was struggling to get a loan and trying to pay off my dream school (Suffolk University). Being a full time student and a part time worker puts a damper on everything with my social life, but struggling to juggle all those things was a hassle. This scholarship is helping me pay for my second semester of college and I cant find any bigger word to thank you for that. Thank You Free College Scholarships!!!!”

Name: Sharonne Hillman
Hometown: Paducah, KY
Attending School: AIU
Drawing Date: June 30th, 2008

“I am a single a parent with four children,and I am always telling them that a good education is the key to success. So, I decided to go back to school and get my degree. I applied at AIU and put in for plenty scholarships to help pay for school. The last week of my first class I received a call from  God has answered my prayers and sent to me. I thank God and for helping me continue my education. I will be able to buy a better laptop to do my homework,and I can pay off some of my school loans. Not to mention, once I graduate I will get a promotion at work. I thank God everyday for, because without them it would very difficult to go to school.”

Name: Kristy Noltkamper
Hometown: Wright City, MO
Attending School: South West Baptist University
Drawing Date: May 16th, 2008

“When FCS first contacted me and informed me I was the winner of the $10,000 scholarship I was skeptical, however, after some investigation and found this not to be a hoax I became very excited! I am currently working two jobs to try and pay my college tuition. This scholarship will greatly aid me in paying my tuition this upcoming year. I greatly appreciate this scholarship and am very grateful to all the people that made this scholarship available. With this scholarship I will be able to continue to work towards getting my degree in children’s counseling. Thanks FCS!!!”

Name: Casey DiBiccari
Hometown: Mamaroneck, NY
Attending School: New York University
Drawing Date: March 14th, 2008

“Paying for my first year of college was a struggle. Especially after one of my younger sisters started her first year at college, I realized I would have to take out many loans. Now, with three younger sisters in college and me attending graduate school, it has been very hard financially on my family. When I got the phone call from FCS I could not believe what I was hearing. I had applied for many scholarships but never heard from any of them. So, when I was told I had won a $10,000 scholarship, I was speechless!

The cost of attendance is very high at NYU. With the scholarship money, I plan on using it towards my tuition. The burden of loans is very stressful. Winning the scholarship is extremely helpful because now I do not have to take out more loans. I am so happy to receive this scholarship. It is going to be so helpful in paying for my next semester at NYU. Thank you SO much FCS!”

Name: Tanner Klemcke
Hometown: Rockport, TX
Attending School: Texas A&M University Corpus Christi
Drawing Date: January 15th, 2008

“As a sophomore in college coming up on my junior year, I know as well as anybody the stresses and expectations that college can put you and your family through. Having been paying tuition with loans for the past 2 years, winning this scholarship has been the biggest blessing me and my family could have ever dreamed of. With my sister nearing her college graduation, and my brother coming up on his freshman year in college, this scholarship couldn’t have come at a better time. I would like to thank FCS and all of their sponsors for this blessing; I can now pay off all my student loans, and even 2 semesters of my schooling for next year. You all are incredible, thank you so much!”

Name: Ashley White
Hometown: Queen Creek, AZ
Attending School: Arizona State University
Drawing Date: November 15th, 2007

“Getting the call that day was so surprising I couldn’t believe my ears! Bills really start to build up when you are trying to go to school and take care of yourself. I am a full time student and almost a full time worker, and no matter what I do I always seem to get behind, whether it’s with my school work or the oncoming bills. I can’t even imagine the struggle I will have when I go off to Vet school in a couple of years and have to pay almost three times as much for school. I’m going to use my scholarship to get caught up and save up for my next year at Arizona State University. Words cant even express how truly grateful I feel for FCS. Thank you!”

mistyName: Misty Phillips
Hometown: Milton, FL
Attending School: Pensacola Junior College
Drawing Date: November 15th, 2007

My name is Misty Phillips. I am currently attending Pensacola Junior College and I am majoring in nursing and I was the recipient of the $10,000 scholarship from I was so excited about that phone call that I could not believe it was actually happening. It was like I was dreaming. I plan to use the money to help pay for tuition and books, but mostly books. Because we all know how expensive college books are. I would just like to thank the people at This money will help out tremendously. So, thank you so much!

Name: Jessica Hicks
Hometown: West Carrollton Ohio
Attending School: Sinclair Community College
Drawing Date: September 14th, 2007

“Winning the 10,000 dollar scholarship is truly a blessing. I have spent the last few years trying to work to pay for college, but working a lot of hours can be tough on your grades. Lately school had been on the back burner, so I am relieved that I will finally have this help. I know that this scholarship will help me work my way towards my Law degree! It is well known that just the thought of law school is expensive, but thanks to this scholarship, my dream of being a lawyer is really going to come true! I cannot thank FCS enough!”

Name: Terri Booth
Hometown: Delaware
Attending School: Daughter attending University of DE
Drawing Date: July 31st, 2007

“I saw this ad to sign up for a drawing for a scholarship and thought, I probably won’t win, but at least I will get my name on some lists and find out about more scholarships for my children. Get this, I won, I really won! Thank you, I was the winner of a drawing and I can now help my daughter pay for her first year in the University near our home, plus I can go back to school. I have wanted to go back and finish my degree in Deaf Education since I work in a school for the deaf. I thought I had to wait until my daughter was out of college to even think about going back to school myself. Now I am able to do both, only because of”

Name: Jerneisha Weaver
Hometown: Detroit, MI
Attending School: Howard University
Drawing Date: June 30th, 2007

“My name is Jerneisha Weaver and I am a graduate from Southfield Lathrup High School. I am a well-rounded achiever, who is very determined to continue school with high honors. All through high school I have earned good grades and various awards. Awards such as, High Honor Roll, Dance Awards, Scholar plus, and National Honor Awards are just a few I received. In high school doing the right thing came easy to me because I knew my future depends on good education.

I am very excited about being a winner of the 10,000 scholarship contest. I am attending Howard University this fall and winning this money has been a blessing. My mother did not know how we were going to finish paying for tuition, but winning this money made my mother have no worries. I am going to use this scholarship to finish paying for school and also pay for the required books. Thanks! This has been a blessing to my family and I.”

Name: Tricia C. Bellot
Hometown: Baton Rouge, LA
Attending School: Xavier University
Drawing Date: May 31st, 2007

“I am pleased to have been granted the opportunity of winning this $10,000.00 scholarship. I am really blessed to have this opportunity and I believe that this blessing could have not come at a better time in my life than now. On the day FCS called me, I woke up wondering how I was going to manage school in the fall. I recently had a baby in the spring. My 3.8 GPA dropped last semester due to the days that were missed because of my new delivery. This would have meant that I would not have gotten all of the financial aid I received my first two semesters. I would have had to come up with a few thousand dollars. I was so happy when I heard the good news. I couldn’t believe it. But, it was true. This money will go towards my tuition and books and other fees for my upcoming college years at Xavier University in Louisiana. I plan to go to med-school and I believe that this money will help me reach my goal. Thanks Free College Scholarships, I am so happy that you guys rescued me! I will always appreciate this great blessing.”

Name: Jackie Cohen
Hometown: Upper Holland, PA
Attending School: Penn State University (UP)
Drawing Date: April 30th, 2007

“When I found out that I had won a $10,000 scholarship from, I was in shock. I honestly did not believe that it was the real thing, it seemed impossible. Winning this scholarship really could not have come at a better time for me and my family. I will be a junior at Penn State main this coming fall and my younger sister will be attending her freshman year of college. I also have two younger brothers who will eventually attend college, so this scholarship will be an enormous help towards some of the expenses that I will have next year, such as tuition, books, room and board. This will also help to alleviate some of the stress that my family has that comes from trying to meet the financial burden of college. I am so glad that I applied for this scholarship, and would encourage everyone who could use some assistance with their college expenses to apply as well! I would like to thank for this wonderful opportunity, it is truly a blessing.”

Name: Chynna Mora
Hometown: San Antonio, TX
Attending School: Texas State University
Drawing Date: March 31st, 2007

“When I first found out that I won this scholarship, I couldn’t believe it! I fell down and cried. I never expected such a wonderful thing to happen. I work at a Jack in the box across the street from my dorm. I make a decent salary and work as many hours as I possibly can to pay tuition. I usually end up staying late because it gets so busy late at night. My mom does what she can to help me out. She sends me money to stock up the mini fridge I have under my desk. I don’t have a big mean plan so I usually end up eating once a day at the dining halls, but usually stay in my room to eat my ramen noodles and yogurt. This scholarship will cover all the expenses of next semester and a few summer courses at a community college in my hometown. I would never have believed I would get through college without having to worry about money for a least a year, what with a single mom struggling to support me and the family at home, or a dead-beat-dad that does nothing to help anyone but himself. I’m very happy that this happened; I never thought that I’d have such good luck. Somebody upstairs must really like me.”

Name: Brittany Kristine Bunker
Hometown: Sebeka, MN
Attending School: The Nova Academy of Cosmetology
Drawing Date: January 31th, 2007

“In December 2006 I graduated from a local college with a degree in cosmetology but had decided that I wanted to specialize in Esthetics so that I could work with a dermatologist to help benefit people with skin disorders. The only problem I was still paying off my last schooling and there was no way I was going to be able to pay for more. My mom suggested that I apply anyway and with gods help we would have enough money. I started a full-time job to save up as much as I could before I started at the Nova Academy of Cosmetology, needless to say working in a small town isn’t going to get you the money you need for college but I was trying as hard as I could. As I was checking my voicemail one evening after work, I came by the message that said I had been selected for the $10,000 scholarship. I was of course in shock! I called my mom almost in tears telling her that I had won; she was almost more excited then I was. This scholarship was definitely a gift from god and will help me pay for all of my continuing education. I want to thank Free College Scholarships, LLC for providing me with this life changing scholarship. Thank you!”

kerrieName: Kerrie Hughes
Hometown: Tempe, AZ
Attending School: Arizona State University
Drawing Date: January 31st, 2007

I like many other young students going to college need financial aid of all kinds. But unfortunately most of the financial aid that I receive is through student loans and we all know they have to be paid back when you graduate. So I started looking around for some other financial opportunities and I came across this web site. I got a call one morning saying that I had won the $10,000 scholarship and was so excited. I have never won anything this big before and all I could think was how much this would help me finish my bachelors degree at Arizona State University. I also work full time and it is sometimes hard to juggle both. This money will relieve so much stress and I can now start worrying more about my next test than how am I going to afford next semester. I THANK YOU so much for everything!!!

Name: Christina de la Llama
Hometown: Acworth, GA
Attending School: Kennesaw State University
Drawing Date: December 29th, 2006

“Probably like many of you out there, continuing education is important but financially unrealistic. I recently graduated from Kennesaw State University with a degree in Sociology and Criminal Justice and have been accepted back there to continue my education with a Master’s in Conflict Management. Seeing as how I have yet to pay off my loans from my first educational experience, pursing it a second time is scary. So when I went online to get help with my college expenses, I expected a long and difficult road. Then I received a call from Free College Scholarships, LLC informing me that I won the $10,000 scholarship for my education I felt that my luck in this world had finally changed. My family has always provided me with all the love an emotional support one could ask for, but financially we have had difficulties in the past. This money is a godsend. I truly believe I would not be able to continue my education any further. I intend to use this money to secure my Master’s Program which I believe will not only make me a better person but also a more valuable asset in the community. I wish to thank Free College Scholarships, LLC for this opportunity to improve my life and the lives of others around me. Thank You.”

Name: Brian Koch
Hometown: Monroeville, OH
Attending School: Bowling Green State University – Firelands College
Drawing Date: December 1st, 2006

“I received a phone call from my mother who insisted to tell me that she answered a phone call from Free College Scholarships and that I won a $10,000 dollar scholarship…I called to check it out and sure enough you’re reading this because I did in fact win the Scholarship. This scholarship is a huge surprise, but it is going to be very helpful in aiding me to finish up my last year and a half of college. I plan on using this money to pay for books and tuition for my last three semesters and the rest will be put towards my school loans. This Financial boost has been very exciting for me and I’m very lucky to have been able to receive the scholarship. I would like to thank Free College Scholarships, LLC for this awesome scholarship.”

Name: Jessica Beard
Hometown: West Palm Beach, FL
Attending School: Palm Beach Atlantic University
Drawing Date: September 15th, 2006

“My family has never been the richest, but we haven’t been the poorest either. My mom has been taking care of my brother and myself for 10 years by herself, and lately has had some medical problems, so getting money for college has been very hard. My family has been helping a little bit, but this scholarship has allowed me to pay off my loans, have money to pay off my debts and then some left over for next year. I am going to need it, going to school for six years for pharmacy will be a real challenge, but having this money will allow me to relax just a little bit and focus more on schoolwork. And next semester I will actually be able to get my own books for class! I have always thought that scholarships on the internet weren’t true at all, but you’ve made me a believer, and I hope that you can help more students become believers too. Thank you so much for this opportunity and I’ll be sure to recommend you.”

vickiName: Vicki Witmer
Hometown: Ft. Collins, CO
Attending School: University of Colorado in Colorado Springs
Drawing Date: September 30th, 2006

It seemed too good to be true, as I NEVER have won anything. I will wait until I have the check before telling my family! It will be an evening to remember!! I have a B.S.N. and a Master’s degree, and I am a practicing nurse practitioner. My husband has a B.S., 2 M.S. and a PhD., and is a wildlife research biologist. Both of us realize and value the importance of higher education. This money will be used to fund my son’s college education. He is a sophomore @ the Univ. of CO. in Co. Springs majoring in Biology with a minor in chemistry. Finding money to fund higher education has been hard. My son did qualify his 1st year with a $1,000.00 scholarship through the university, and has received monies through the College Opportunity Fund which is available if you are a Colorado resident attending an in state school. With this scholarship, he won’t feel the pressure to work more hours than he should, and it will allow him and us to put off student loans until his graduate schooling starts. After his undergraduate degree, he will go on to pursue a Doctorate in Pharmacology.

By winning this scholarship it allows us some much needed breathing room. I am facing back surgery and a 3 month recovery period, and it will be unpaid time off. As my son graduates with his B.S., my daughter begins her college education.
I want to thank for providing this scholarship and the opportunities it affords our family. Thank you just does not seem adequate, please know that you scholarship is very truly appreciated by our family.

Name: Jessica Baker
Hometown: Wilmore, KY
Attending School: Asbury College
Drawing Date: June 30th, 2006

“This scholarship is a miracle. I have two brothers, three sisters and a single mom, who has raised my siblings and me by herself since I was two years old. Now that I have graduated and been accepted to Asbury College I have been dealing with the anxiety of how to pay off four years of college because my mom and my two twin sisters are attending EKU and my twin brother will be starting college in January, this adds an even greater burden of financial need for college. I know this will pull me through for this year and on into next because of other scholarships I have received. I thank those of you who gave donations to help grants, and scholarships like these become attainable for those who are in desperate need of financial help. This is also a burden off my mother’s shoulders because like most freshman parents, she was worried about how to pay for my college education. Thank you, I don’t know that I can say this enough. I was surprised at this scholarship, even though I thought it was a joke when I received the phone call, but it was real and it can be real for you, too.”

jereimahName: Jereimah Reagan
Hometown: Bakersfield, CA
Attending School: UC Berkeley
Drawing Date: May 30th, 2006

At first it seemed a bit too good to be true when I had found out that I’d won. I remember skimming my e-mail late at night and finding a message stating that I had won $10,000 from a contest I had entered. I confess I didn’t quite know what they were talking about until I followed the link to the main site. I began to regain some memory of spending maybe a minute total filling out some basic contact information under the philosophy of Why not?

$10,000 will be a big help as I enter my first year of college on my long road to obtaining a Doctorate in Physics. I plan to focus somewhere in the area of Quantum Mechanics and high energy Particle Physics. Ever since I was young I was always interested in how and why things were the way they were. What made the universe tick? I wanted to know what caused everything to happen from the most fundamental level possible. I discovered that study of the fundamental fell under physics and thus devoted myself to finding a way to study as much physics as I possible could. This included working on being accepted into a place with an outstanding physics program, and funding it at the same time. I start at UC Berkeley in the Fall and it is nice to know that I have tuition, supplies, and even some room and board covered for the first semester. It is amazing that a minute’s worth of typing has greatly lessened the strain of college on my parent and I. Thanks for bringing me one step closer to my goal.

Name: Teresa Branch
Hometown: Pinole, CA
Attending School: DeVry University
Drawing Date: April 30th, 2006

“Over the years of my life I have had to overcome many adversities. Like being a single parent of three children who are now grown, working full time while attending college and sometimes working two jobs to make ends meet. But no matter what the obstacle is I have always seemed to prevail. I have not been able to attend school since 2002 because I have exhausted all of my financial aid options, since then I have been looking for other ways to pay for my education and have not had much luck. I am only eight classes away from having my Bachelor’s Degree with DeVry University. As a result of not having my degree already I have been passed over for a promotion. Thanks to Free College I have yet overcome another obstacle in my life and will have my degree shortly.”

shellyName: Shelly Ann Allicia Major
Hometown: Fort Lauderdale, FL
Attending School: Florida International University, Miami FL
Drawing Date: March 30th, 2006

“I am Shelly Major, of Fort Lauderdale, Florida and a proud recipient of the $10,000 scholarship from! I think to some extent all of us who enter scholarship contests are skeptical about their validity and the odds of winning, but I am living proof that it is very possible! I am 18 years old and just completed my junior year of college. This summer officially marks the beginning of my senior year, and with graduate school rapidly approaching this scholarship couldn’t have come at a better time. I was very fortunate to find enough funding for my undergraduate education (for that I give many thanks to the College Academy @ Broward Community College; who allowed me the opportunity to complete both my High School Diploma and Associate of Arts degree at the same time free of charge!) And now with this $10,000 scholarship I have truly been blessed to have nearly 5 years of my college education completely paid for!

When I got the call about winning I really didn’t believe it. To be honest I wasn’t really convinced until I received the money claiming forms via FedEx a few days later. I actually just received those forms today as I write this letter of thanks, and I’ve still got the jitters I REALLY CAN’T BELIEVE I WON!

Anyone who has been or is planning on going to graduate school, knows exactly how expensive it is and how impossible it is to get funds. Its almost as if no one wants to provide funds for graduate students. Websites like fastweb and other scholarship databases are filled with funds for undergrads; whats an aspiring grad student to do? Now that I can realistically afford a masters, it makes the prospect of pursuing doctoral studies even more feasible. Whats more I can now afford a private education, something that was completely out of the question prior to receiving this scholarship.

I am currently pursing a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts with a concentration in Speech Language Pathology and a minor in Psychology. My intended date of graduation from that program is April 07, and I plan to start the Masters in Speech Language Pathology here at Florida International University that same fall (Aug 07). Now that I can afford post masters education (in the event I still decide to pursue it), it would more than likely be a Doctorate in Communication Sciences and Disorders, at Nova Southeastern University, in my home town of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. With that I’d like to specialize in deglutition disorders (Swallowing Disorders), and serve other victims of trauma or genetic mishap. I only hope the pursuit of advanced education enables me to become a clinician fully competent in my field, so that I may be most beneficial to my patients.

So once again, thank you for bringing me $10,000 dollars closer to fulfilling my dreams!”

Name: Debra Madden
Hometown: Hillsboro, OH
Attending School: Southern State Community College
Drawing Date: February 28th, 2006

“I have been going to college for two years, and my parents have been paying for everything in cash, because they make to much for grants. Now I am getting married this summer and I was worried about how I was going to finish college, because I was not sure if I was going to be approved for any grants. Since I’ve won this scholarship, I won’t have to worry nearly as much, and maybe if I am lucky, I won’t have to work nearly as much and just put all my time into school work. I only have three quarters left after I get married, and this scholarship will cover all my tuition and books. Thanks a lot!!”

lisaName: Lisa Dempson
Hometown: Durham, North Carolina
Attending School: North Carolina Central University
Drawing Date: January 15th, 2006

“I am Lisa Dempson, a native of Durham, North Carolina and a proud recipient of the first $10,000 scholarship from This has made a believer out of me and it came at the best time too. I was laid off in March of 2003 and tried to get work for a year, but no job came available for me. I really didn’t believe in getting school loans, but because I was laid off I had no choice. So I had to accept the school loans while I worked on campus work study assignments that barely paid my bills. The loans helped supplement where the monthly work-study checks were lacking. All of this was discouraging to me, but I didn’t give up; I started searching for scholarships online.

I filled out several scholarship applications online, but I didn’t hear from any of them. I only kept getting more and more junk mail so I stopped filling them out and continued to get the student loans. So, when I got the call about winning I couldn’t even believe it, and when he said the name of the website and had all my information correct I became excited because I knew then it was no joke. I really won! I actually won from filling out the information on the website!!! I said, Praise the Lord!

When I was a little girl I decided I wanted to be an Engineer. I took electronics and several computer classes in high school to prepare me for college and my area of interest. I graduated Durham High School in 1987. I started school that summer at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, North Carolina. I didn’t apply for any scholarships when I was in high school to help pay for college; therefore, I received small amount scholarships from my church and National Math Honor Society. Although my Mom is educated, she was a single Mom. This made it hard for me to afford college. Even though there are programs for single mothers, at that time you had to make very little to no money to qualify for the grants. After the first semester of my sophomore year I didn’t have the money to stay in school. I left NC State with a goal to work and save up enough money to go back. However, instead of saving money to go back to college I ended up getting a new car and apartment with the manufacturing job I had at Mitsubishi. I still wanted to go back to school, but I was enjoying the money so I said I will go back later. A few months later I got laid-off and I still didn’t have enough money to pay what I owed in addition to afford going back to school. Also, since I owed money for the semester I didn’t get my grades.

Consequently, I had to start over. I am a graduate student at North Carolina Central University in Durham North Carolina. I am currently pursuing a Masters in Information Science and my expected date of graduation is May 2006. This is why the timing of this scholarship is paramount because I will soon have to start paying it back. Since I did get the school loans they have started accruing interest. This scholarship will help me pay back my student loan and start my career transition.”

Name: Karyn Kivi
Hometown: Northbrook IL
Attending School: Western Illinois University
Drawing Date: December 21st, 2005

“Studying and pursuing an education is a desire that I have had since high school. Getting accepted into college and starting that desire has been a dream come true. Financing that desire has been a struggle. My resources have been limited and I have been trying to come up with ways to pay for my education. I was trying to see how I could juggle classes and work in order to earn the money I needed. My parents having been willing to help but they are both retired and I wanted to find a way to help ease the burden of my education. I have entered many contests and wished and hoped for a call to come. Well it did !!!! I was so excited when Freecollegescholarships called My dreams had come true. I plan on using the scholarship to pay for my tuition, room and board and buy books. Not having to worry about how my bills will be paid is such a relief, for myself as well as my parents. My energies can now go in the direction in which they should, studying. I want to thank for giving me the opportunity to continue with my education worry free this coming year.”

Name: Ben Niemann
Hometown: Wake Forest, NC
Attending School: Southeastern College
Drawing Date: September 30th, 2005

“One of the hardest things to do in college is to balance time for school with time for work. This scholarship will allow me to devote a lot more time to studying. I am a Double Major (Biblical Studies and History) so I am always stuck in the books, and I have always struggled to find adequate time to get my schoolwork done and still be able to work enough to pay for school each semester. Up until now, it’s been a few classes here, a few classes there. It’s been a long, slow road trying to get the credits I need to graduate. Now, with the scholarship from, I can relax a little bit, take more classes and still have ample time to study. I can’t believe that I won this scholarship. It’s still a little hard to believe that this has happened to me. I was relieved to hear that I had won unconditionally. The skeptical part of me subsided and the excitement set in. Finally, my tuition is going to be taken care of and I can even pay off some old school debt. Having a financial burden like this taken off my shoulders is unbelieveable. Now I can just relax for a few semesters and not have to stress out about how I am going to make enough money to stay in school. Thank you so much!! I will be telling all of my friends to sign up on your website. You guys are awesome!!”

Name: Katrina Maniego
Hometown: Jersey City, NJ
Attending School: Fordham University, NY
Drawing Date: August 15th, 2005

“To pursue college there are two things you need the determination to get in and the money to pay. I had the first one down and as for the money I had my doubts but I had parents who loved me enough to work hard, although, I didn’t want to put the entire burden at their pockets. I decided to look for scholarships. I didn’t really have any resources to start with so I relied where everyone has full access to – the Internet. Google it up was my solution, typing in free college scholarships. As a result to my search I quickly read a few scholarships and entered a few. There is no pain in trying I told myself half of me not really expecting any results. After a few months I received a call telling me I won. I answered the phone with so little enthusiasm it didn’t really reflect the excitement I was feeling inside. I remember having school raffles and you secretly wishing they would pick your name out of the box but they never did. This time when you weren’t really expecting it they chose you. With the money they are giving me I think I off to a very good start with my freshmen year. Mostly it would go to school books, school supplies, just a few things to get me started with college. With its amount, I think a generous amount would still be leftover which I would probably put aside for next semester’s room and board. Actually I am so overwhelm of the things I can do with the money I am just happy I will be able to help my parents. When I place down the phone and said thank you I don’t think I fully expressed my gratitude to “” but I am truly grateful. Thank you again and I wish you will be able to help more striving students like me.”

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