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What if someone told you that with three simple steps you might have a chance to win a $10,000 scholarship. Would you sign up for a chance to win that scholarship? Well with the introduction of Scholarships4Moms and Scholarship Zone this dream is made into a reality. Since 2005, Scholarships4Moms and Scholarship Zone has been awarding a free $10,000 scholarship to a winner in a drawing each month. All you have to do is go through a simple three step process that should not take you longer than thirty seconds.

Here Is How It Works

  1. Complete the short registration form and click on submit
  2. View all our educational offers. You may either request information or simply click “Next School”.
  3. When you reach the last page that says Thank You?, you will be successfully registered.

Win A Free $10,000 Scholarship

How are they able to provide so many students with free $10,000 scholarships?

Simple, they work with several Colleges and Universities who make it possible for them to continue awarding scholarships. Once you register, be sure to view all of the offers available from their sponsors. You can request information from those that interest you, but remember, you are not required to request any information; it is entirely optional and it will not affect your chances of winning.

Is Scholarship Zone/Scholarships4Moms too good to be true?

Their scholarships can make your dreams for a higher paying job, a promotion, or a new career a reality. As long as their sponsors continue to support their cause, they will continue to offer scholarships to students in need.

Scholarship Zone/Scholarships4Moms, it’s so easy to apply!
Have you registered?

There are no long essays, application fees, or confusing eligibility requirements. It takes just two minutes to fill out the short registration form.

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